Queso Pro (Ep. 3: Business Cards)

In episode two of the Queso Pro saga, I made a logo for $2. Now it’s time to get business cards. Budget? $20. A quick google of “business cards” returns Moo.com at the top of the ads. I’ve heard of them!


I can get 50 business cards for $19.99. That’s a penny within budget. Huzzah! Wait. You can get 100 “mini cards” for the same price. What’s a mini card? It’s like a typical business card that’s been cut in half. So cute! Let’s do that.


Now… To wizard or not to wizard? That ’tis the question.

<struggle> <struggle> <struggle>

Damn this wizard! I can’t get the font the way I want and the black background doesn’t match the black background of my logo. Back to Sketch! We’re going full custom (price is the same anyway).


Let’s eyeball some negative space. Black front with app logo. White back with my name (pseudonym really) and clever job title. Triple check the spelling of Aficionado. Use the branded Yanone Kaffeesatz font from our logo. Perfect. Ship it!

Oh, wait. Shipping. Damn.


Shipping is $6. Minimum! I didn’t budget for shipping. Amazon has me trained that shipping will be free and turnaround time will be 2 days or less. I’m 30% over budget now, and that means $25.99 divided by 100 cards is 26¢ per card. I’ll have to be judicious handing these out. Hopefully, I can flash them at a cashier like an FBI badge and reuse the card at multiple restaurants.

Let’s check-in on the ole project plan:

  1. Buy the domain www.queso.pro. – DONE | -$.99
  2. Design a logo. – DONE | -$2
  3. Print business cards (critical to step 6). — DONE | -$26.99
  4. Spin up a WordPress docker image on an existing AWS EC2 nano instance I have hanging around for just this sort of thing. | FREE
  5. Install an AMP theme | -$80
  6. Visit a few Mexican restaurants this weekend, hand them my business card, and ask if I can have free queso in exchange for a review on the most popular queso review site in the world! | FREE + Yum
  7. Photograph queso, eat the queso, write words about the queso, upload everything to WordPress. | FREE
  8. Repeat step 6 & 7 dozens of times.
  9. Sell http://www.queso.pro to Kraft (the maker of Velveeta). | +$$$$$$

Great. We’re pretty much on schedule with less than $30 and 3 hours invested. Next step is setting up the WordPress blog. I’ve built dozens of sites on WordPress. It can take anywhere from the famously advertised 5 minutes to hours. Stay tuned!



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