Queso Pro (Ep. 1)

There was a dollar sale on *.pro domains at name.com yesterday. I was trying to think of words that rhyme with “pro” that would make for a good content website; it didn’t take long for “queso” to pop in the old noggin’. I liked the sound of it immediately. I am a cheese expert after all! (I am not a cheese expert).

I bought the domain, and now I’m building a website for reviewing queso. I’ll blog about it along the way. Here’s my rough plan:

  1. Buy the domain www.queso.pro. – DONE | -$.99
  2. Design a logo. – IN PROGRESS | -$2
  3. Print business cards (critical to step 6). | -$19.99.
  4. Spin up a WordPress docker image on an existing AWS EC2 nano instance I have hanging around for just this sort of thing. | FREE
  5. Install an AMP theme | -$80
  6. Visit a few Mexican restaurants this weekend, hand them my business card, and ask if I can have free queso in exchange for a review on the most popular queso review site in the world! | FREE + Yum
  7. Photograph queso, eat the queso, write words about the queso, upload everything to WordPress. | FREE
  8. Repeat step 6 & 7 dozens of times.
  9. Sell http://www.queso.pro to Kraft (the maker of Velveeta). | +$$$$$$

Between step 8 & 9 there are some things to figure out around customer acquisition and soliciting user-generated content. Though I’m going to focus on getting just enough of an MVP shipped to validate my hypothesis—Step #7—that this site can get me free queso. Because everyone knows free queso tastes twice as good as the paid stuff!



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